Onika Tanya Maraj

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Nom : Onika Tanya Maraj 

Surnom :The Queen of Hip-Hop .

Née : 8 décembre 1982 .

Age : 31 ans .

Née à :Port-d’Espagne à Trinité-et-Tobago .

Activité Principale : Chanteuse , Rappeuse.

Genre De Musique :R&B , Hip-Hop .

Années Actives : Depuis 2007 .

Labels :Young Money Universal Motown

Cash Money Records .

Elle à grandi au Queens un quartier de New York. Elle possède des origines africaines, et Indo-chinoise.

Elle est diplômée de LaGuardia High School à Manhattan où elle a étudié le chant et l’interprétation.

Nicki Minaj a été découverte sur MySpace par Fendi, qui l’a signé sur son label Dirty Money

Minaj a été contacté par Lil Wayne.

Les deux artistes ont ensuite collaboré sur de nombreux titres de mixtapes.

En avril 2007, elle sort sa première mixtape, Playtime Is Over, où elle pose comme une poupée Barbie sur la pochette. Lil Wayne apparait sur le titre « Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop ».

Extrait d’une chanson :

Chanteur : Nicki Minaj et Lil Wayne

Titre : High School

Nicki Minaj :

He said he came from Jamaica
He owned a couple acres
A couple fake visas cause he never got his papers
Gave up on love, f*cking with them heart breakers
But he was gettin’ money with the movers and the shakers
He was mixed with a couple things
Ball like a couple rings
Bricks in the condo
And grams to Sing Sing
Left arm, baby mother tatted
5-year bid up north when they ratted
Anyway, I felt him, helped him
Put him on lock, seat-belt him
Took him out to Belgium, welcome
B*tches this pretty, that’s seldom
This box better than the box he was held in
I’m Momma Dee in that order
I call him Daddy like daughters
He like it when I get drunk
But I like it when he be sober
That’s top of the toppa
I never f*ck with beginners
I let him play with my pussy then lick it off of his fingers
I’m in the zone

Refrain :

They holler at me but it’s you
You, this ain’t high school
Me, and my crew
We can slide through
Give it to you whenever you want
Whip it whenever you want
Baby, it’s yours
Anywhere, everywhere
Baby it’s your world
Ain’t it?
Baby it’s your world
Ain’t it?

Lil Wayne :

She got a n*gga at home
And one on the side
Best friend is a dyke, they f*cked around a few times
Her and her momma alike, so all they do is fight
I tell her make me some money, she tell me make her a wife
I tell her, « B*tch, you crazy.
F*ck wrong with you? »
And excuse my french, but I’m a long kisser
And then she try to tell me I’m the only one that’s hittin’
And I say, « What about them n*ggas? »
She say, « What about them n*ggas? »
You right, what you doing tonight?
Put on something tight
Don’t judge me, I get life
She love me like a brother
But f*ck me like a husband
Pussy like a oven
Too hot to put my tongue in
All I had to do is rub it
The genie out the bottle
Pussy so wet, I’ma need goggles
She tell me that’s it’s mine
I tell her stop lying
Mine and who else?

She say worry ’bout yourself 

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